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Leicester Carpet Cleaners

Being a small local company based in Syston Leicester Carpet Cleaners is a service for homes in Leicestershire and also supply commercial carpet cleaning for offices and residential apartments throughout the county.  We are proud to be part of the Mister Group of companies and always strive to exceed expectations as specialist cleaners of carpets and upholstery. 


We are genuinely independent contractors, our hands are not tied to costly franchise contracts - that is how we can offer a better price for you.  Many people have told us that they have ended up paying more to our franchised competitors.  Someone has to pay for their expensive advertising campaigns, and this expense is passed down to their customers.   The difference between us will always be found in our prices which are considerably less as a consequence, and because we are not a franchise we are free to use whatever machines we want to and not a particular system or cleaning method dictated by the franchise company.

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