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At the heart of The Mister Group, people are our QUOSH values

  • Quality in all we do                            

  • Unbeatable delivery - we do what we say                                               

  • Opennness with our staff & customers

  • Safe working practice whilst caring for the environment

  • Honesty in all we do and trusted by our customers

The Groups' head office is based in Syston, Leicestershire, and while the companies have forged a reputation for excellence in the floor cleaning and restoration field, they all continue to actively embrace new technologies and Hi-tech equipment with the aim of developing new methods to continually provide a great service for their customers.



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Companies who are members of The Mister Group operate extremely reliable services throughout Leicestershire in a joint partnership.  We have found that companies who work together can add significant value to their entire operation and may be able to take advantage of certain benefits that each individual company might not qualify for, or would not be able to afford on their own. 

Because of the number of businesses involved, many benefits such as linked projects, reducing operating costs by purchasing combined insurance and simplifying processes by having a single 0800 freephone contact number can help to become more accessible and affordable.  Through our integrated group of businesses, we have an extensive skill-set and considerable experience in delivering projects of all sizes. 

We operate in a range of markets and to ensure our customers get the services and support they deserve, our focus is primarily based on building a better business.  We believe that by building a better business, we will also deliver a better service for our customers.  Our Cleaning Service customers include home owners, tenanted property investment managers, corporate property developers and businesses spanning a range of industries in both the public and of course the private sector.

We know that the relationship we establish with our customers, and how we manage their expectations, are crucial elements to our success.  To help us achieve these things we are focusing on three areas.  We are building a better business by improving customer service, transforming costs and investing in the future.  These three things are linked, the better we serve our customers, the less time and money we spend on returning to fixing problems.  By continuing to transform our costs, we will open up new opportunities for investment in our future by purchasing the best professional equipment and materials.

The Mister Group believes in making a difference, we always give value for money, and deliver an unbeatable customer experience.  The partnership with others enables us to excel in combining skills, knowledge, and operational expertise from a range of services to build exciting and successful companies.  All three companies in the Mister Group are part of one big family.  They are empowered to run their own affairs, yet the companies actively help one another, and solutions to problems are often sourced from within the Group with shared ideas, values, interests and goals.

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