Safe Sanitising

We can Decontaminate your Home or Office during the Covid 19 Virus epidemic with our non-allergenic plant based disinfectant which is 'fogged' or 'misted' into all areas.


This fastest and most cost-effective process disinfects all surfaces with imediate results in a few minutes and leaves a lasting barrier against bacteria.

Furniture removal is unnecessary with this treatment and the  mist reaches pathogens normally inaccessible to conventional cleaning.

from £20 per Room
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Decontaminate your office or business for covid-19 and all other potential bacteria before staff return back to work to ensure their safety. This is especially important if a covid-19 case has been reported.


Thermo/ULV Dry-Fogging has been used for many years to disinfect Hospital wards, Care Homes, Schools and Colleges.


This treatment was also very successful during the latest Ebola Virus scare, and most airlines now use the method to sanitise their aircraft.